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When done correctly, a well trimmed and maintained hedge makes it strong and healthy promoting new growth and strengthening the root system making the hedge denser and in a better position to fight pest attacks and disease. A strong and healthy hedge looks better and serves its proper function to provide valuable shelter from gales, increasing privacy and forming a boundary around your Paisley property. Contact Timber Tree Surgeon Paisley now for a free quote.


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Here at Timber Tree Surgeon‘s Paisley maintaining a tree‘s health is our top priority. Our pruning recommendations are based upon the tree‘s condition, the tree type, the tree size, and of course the client requirement. There are many practical benefits when pruning a tree branch, the key benefit is creating added space for sunlight to penetrate. Pruning away the dead ends of trees is a good way to keep them fertile and strong. We always operate a full clean-up job after the work that we do leaving you with nothing but a beautiful garden and expertly maintained trees. Contact us today for more information on our specialist tree services.


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Pollarding can be a great system to prolong a trees life and spark new, fresh growth as well as keeping trees to a required size.

Contact us for a free pollarding quotation and to discuss a range of affordable options to ensure that you get the best value on the market and always work within your budget. We also cover most of central Scotland and as a local tree surgeon our aim is to delivery an excellent job on every occasion.

Typically trees that are a good choice to pollard are:

Maples – Willow – Elder – Lime – Beech

The Timber Tree Surgeon can help advise you about which trees you can cut-back using this pollarding method and we will always advise if we feel a tree you have selected is not suited to this type of surgery.


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Whether you’re in need our tree services or are just gathering information, we will be happy to help you sort out all of your tree care needs. 

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