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When done correctly, a well trimmed and maintained hedge makes it strong and healthy promoting new growth and strengthening the root system making the hedge denser and in a better position to fight pest attacks and disease. A strong and healthy hedge looks better and serves its proper function to provide valuable shelter from gales, increasing privacy and forming a boundary around your Paisley property.

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Here at Timber Tree Surgeon’s Paisley maintaining a tree’s health is our top priority. Our pruning recommendations are based upon the tree’s condition, the tree type, the tree size, and of course the client requirement. There are many practical benefits when pruning a tree, the key benefit is creating added space for sunlight to penetrate. Pruning away the dead ends of trees is a good way to keep them fertile and strong. We always operate a full clean-up job after the work that we do leaving you with nothing but a beautiful garden and expertly maintained trees.


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Pollarding can be a great system to prolong a trees life and spark new, fresh growth as well as keeping trees to a required size.

Contact us for a Free Pollarding Quotation and to discuss a range of affordable options to ensure that you get the best value on the market and always work within your budget.

Typically trees that are a good choice to pollard are:

Maples – Willow – Elder – Lime – Beech 

The Timber Tree Surgeon can help advise you about which trees you can cut-back using this pollarding method and we will always advise if we feel a tree you have selected is not suited to this type of surgery.


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We are a locally owned and operated tree care company and proudly serve Glasgow as The Tree Surgeon Glasgow and all surrounding areas. We specialise in all tree services including tree removal, tree trimming, crown reduction, crown lifting, stump removal, hedge maintenance and much more.




Sometimes there are no other options but to remove a tree. Tree felling, tree dismantling and tree removal are terms used to describe the complete removal of trees to ground level which can be carried out at any time of the year except in the presence of roosting bats or nesting birds.

No matter the location and with the correct permissions, we will safely remove your tree whether it is dead, diseased or dangerous, large or small. Where space permits, trees can be felled in one single section however some trees need to be dismantled in sections for a variety of reasons, such as their location to property and buildings, highways, gardens, and even other trees.

In these instances we work off a rope and harness within the tree the Timber Tree Surgeon will carefully dismantle the tree crown and trunk into smaller sections. Rigging equipment and techniques may be used to carefully lower tree sections where there is potential for damage to people and/or property.

We are highly skilled, certified, well equipped, experienced and fully covered with Public Liability Insurance to give you the confidence in our services. The Timber Tree Surgeon will carry out all aspects of tree surgery to the latest relevant British standards ‘BS3998′ of tree work, as well as other industry regulations and all our staff are NPTC trained and qualified.

Below are the most commonly applied pruning operations. 


The general rule with all pruning works is not to remove more than 25-30% of the crown. More than this would have a negative impact on tree health and therefore the safety of the whole tree or parts of the tree. Over/ incorrect pruning (such as topping) destroys the natural form of the tree and can cause accelerated re-growth (known as epicormic growth).


Reducing the size of the crown without spoiling its shape and maintaining a natural, flowing appearance. The ground rules for a correct crown reduction are:

Cuts should be made back to natural growth points or lateral branches. This will reduce the amount of decay resulting from the cut and reduce the amount of sprouting from dormant buds around the cut.

The remaining lateral branch should be at least one-third the size of the branch removed.

This will retain enough foliage to maintain the energy requirements of the branch and tree and will help maintain the natural form of the tree. The remaining branch will continue to grow at the normal rate so there will be no accelerated re-growth.

Pruning cuts should be made to retain a flowing branch-line.


Where more light or access is required, the crown of the tree can be lifted giving headroom for vehicles/ pedestrians or to open up a view to allow more light into a building or a shaded part of the garden. In many cases crown lifting won’t require a large amount of foliage removal. Taking off 3 or 4 lower branches is often enough to get the desired result.


Done primarily on broadleaf trees i.e. not conifers and many evergreens. This is achieved by reducing the density of the crown without reducing the size of the crown. Crown thinning is achieved by crown cleaning and then the removal of secondary growth to achieve an even crown density. Crown cleaning ‘The Safety Prune’ usually includes the removal of dead, dying, diseased and dangerous branches but may also include the removal of climbing plants, foreign objects, crossing branches and epicormic growth. Crown cleaning may also be undertaken for aesthetic purposes. 


Ideally this should be started when the tree is very young. Re-growth is removed on a regular basis (every 1, 2 or 3 years). Pollarding maintains the tree at a constant size. The re-growth has weak attachment points and should not be left to get too big as they will be more prone to failure. Pollarding was originally done for small size timber production at the height above the browsing line of cattle and livestock.

Nowadays it is primarily undertaken as an ornamental form of pruning to regulate tree size. Poor pruning practice known as ‘topping’ is often confused with ‘pollarding’ or ‘crown reduction’, which are correct methods of reducing and maintaining the size of the crown of a tree. Topping is detrimental to the health and safety of the tree, both by the decay it causes and the disruption to its energy balance. If a topped tree has sufficient vigour it will throw out numerous shoots from where the cuts were made. These grow quickly to replace the lost foliage and can soon develop into branches that reach as far as the original crown of the tree. This accelerated re-growth soon negates the original objective of reducing the size of the crown. At the same time there will be pockets of decay developing where the cuts were made and these will continue to develop and deepen.


Where space and safety allow, we can accurately fell the whole tree from ground level. Where space and safety do not allow, we will remove a tree in sections. Working off a rope and harness within the tree, we will carefully dismantle the tree crown and trunk into smaller sections. Rigging equipment and techniques may be used to carefully lower tree sections where there is potential for damage to people and/or property. Large and/or dangerous trees safely dealt with.


Do you have a severely damaged or nuisance stump? Timber Tree Surgeons are equipped to provide a superior stump removal service for Paisley and surrounding areas. Our tree stump removal is carried out by a machine which can fit through a standard 1.2m gate entrance and grinds to a depth of 20-40cm below ground level. This enables you to re-plant, re-landscape or for building work to take place over the specified area.


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Whether you’re in need our tree services or are just gathering information, we will be happy to help you sort out all of your tree care needs. 

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How Timber Tree Surgeons Can Help You As A Home Owner


As a home owner, it is quite likely that you have trees on your property. If this is the case, it means that this vegetation plays a big role in your landscape. That is why it is important to seek the services of a professional.

1. Beautiful Landscape

Well pruned trees on a background of a well mowed lawn will do a lot when it comes to the aesthetic appeal of your property. This will help to increase the value of your property, which is an advantage, if you are planning on selling your property any time in the future.
Cutting down vegetation or having them nicely shaped can go a long way in increasing the appeal of your home.

2. Get Rid of Dead Branches

If you want healthy vegetation, it is important that you take care of them. This includes pruning and getting rid of dead branches. This is because they suck up the nutrients required for the healthy growth of the plant.

3. Stay Safe

Unhealthy plants pose a risk of falling down on people, pets or property. This can be quite risky as it can cause a lot of damage.
The health of your family, friends and neighbours should be your priority, therefore, do what you can to keep them safe.
If a plant is left unattended to, you will not know whether it is diseased, damaged or dying. This can be risky to those who are usually in close contact with the tree on a regular basis. But if a professional examines it, they can know the true state of the plant and give recommendations on how it should be handled.

4. Stop Spread of Disease

Unhealthy plants pose the risk of infecting other healthy plants. This can lead to the vegetation on the rest of your property getting affected. To remove these plants you need the help of an expert.

5. Have Healthy Plants

To keep your plants healthy, you need the advice of a professional, who knows what they are doing. They can advice you on best practices and what to do. They can also guide you on things that you should avoid.
They can also examine the plants and identify any signs of disease and infestation. This will give them an opportunity to deal with the problem in time before it gets worse.

6. Preserve Mature Plants

Mature trees have so many advantages. For example, they can be used for shade, provide you with fruits, privacy and even attract wildlife, such as birds and butterflies to your property. Therefore, it is important to take care of mature plants. What’s more, planting something fresh takes more time and effort than maintaining something that is already in existence. So, if you have mature plants, do what you can to maintain them.

Timber Tree Surgeon Paisley – Conclusion

Ensuring the proper maintenance of your trees is vitally important. This requires proper care by an expert, given that trees are a treasure for any homeowner to have. Therefore, we hope you choose the Timber Tree Surgeon to support your next project.