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We are locally owned and operated tree care company and proudly serve Glasgow , Paisley – Renfrew and all surrounding areas. We specialise in all tree services including tree removal, tree pruning, crown reduction, stump removal, emergency tree care and much more.

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Experienced Tree Surgeon Paisley / Renfrew

Our locally based team of experienced and professional tree surgeons are among Paisley leading experts on residential tree surgery and arboriculture maintenance. With over 10 years’ experience in the industry, we have a wealth of knowledge to carry out all aspects of technical tree surgery to the latest British standards.

Leading Tree Surgery Services Paisley / Renfrew

Tree Surgeon Paisley

Tree removal Paisley / Renfrew

We take tree removal seriously, and will safely remove your tree if it’s no longer desired or whether it’s dead, diseased or dangerous, large or small. Contact TTS Paisley for a free quote.

Stump Removal Paisley / Renfrew

Tree Surgeon Paisley

Do you have a severely damaged or nuisance Stump, or simply require a stump removed after a tree has been removed? We are equipped to provide a superior Stump removal service for the Glasgow, Paisley and wider area.


Timber Tree Surgeons – Covering Glagow, Paisley & Renfrew

Tree Surgeon Paisley

Our team of experienced and professional tree surgeons are equipped with the latest specialist plant, machinery & climbing / rigging kit are fully prepared for safely & competently .

Tree Surgeon Services. Glasgow, Paisley & Renfrew

Hedge Maintenance

Hedge Maintenance Paisley

All aspects of Hedge Maintenance & Conifer Work undertaken including Height Reduction, Shaping and Annual Maintenance.

Tree Protection Paisley / Renfrew

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, skill, knowledge and understanding of conservation and tree preservation orders across Paisley and Renfrew.

Contact us for advice regarding best practice and procedure of special trees within conservation areas. We carry out and offer free advice and quotes on all specialist tree services.

The Paisley Tree Surgeon - Most Popular Services

Tree Surgeon Paisley – Tree Removal

Sometimes there are no other options but to remove a tree from your Paisley property. Tree felling, tree dismantling and tree removal are terms used to describe the complete removal of trees to ground level which can be carried out at any time of the year except in the presence of roosting bats or nesting birds.

No matter the location and with the correct permissions, we will safely remove your tree whether it is dead, diseased or dangerous, large or small. Where space permits, trees can be felled in one single section however some trees need to be dismantled in sections for a variety of reasons, such as their location to property and buildings, highways, gardens, and even other trees.

We are highly skilled, certified, well equipped, experienced and fully covered with Public Liability Insurance to give you the confidence in our services. The Paisley Tree Surgeon will carry out all aspects of tree surgery to the latest relevant British standards ‘BS3998′ of tree work, as well as other industry regulations and all our staff are NPTC trained and qualified.

Tree Surgeon Paisley – Tree Pruning

The general rule with all pruning works is not to remove more than 25-30% of the crown. More than this would have a negative impact on tree health and therefore the safety of the whole tree or parts of the tree. Over/incorrect pruning (such as topping) destroys the natural form of the tree and can cause accelerated re-growth.

Tree Surgeon Paisley – Tree Pollarding

Ideally should be started when the tree is very young. Re-growth is removed on a regular basis (every 1, 2 or 3 years). Pollarding maintains the tree at a constant size. The re-growth has weak attachment points and should not be left to get too big as they will be more prone to failure. Pollarding was originally done for small size timber production at the height above the browsing line of cattle and livestock.

Tree Surgeon Paisley – Tree Felling

Accurate felling of the whole tree from ground level where space and safety allow. Section-fell. Required when space and safety do not allow for the tree to be felled from the ground. Working off a rope and harness within the tree the Paisley Tree Surgeon will carefully dismantle the tree crown and trunk into smaller sections. Rigging equipment and techniques may be used to carefully lower tree sections where there is potential for damage to people and/or property.

Tree Surgeon Paisley – Tree Stump Removal

Do you have a severely damaged or nuisance Stump? The Paisley Tree Surgeons are equipped to provide a superior Stump removal service in Paisley and surrounding area’s. Our Tree Stump Removal is carried out by a machine which can fit through a standard 1.2m gate entrance and grinds to a depth of 20-40cm below ground level. This enables you to re-plant, re-landscape or for building work to take place over the specified area.

What does a tree surgeon do ?

Tree Surgeon Paisley


As with many specialist trades it’s often the case that people haven’t heard of an arborist until you need one. Tree surgeons look after the health of trees right from the beginning tasks of tree planting and nurturing your trees to the removal of established trees. Arborists and tree surgeons will decided if a tree needs to be felled, or dismantled in sections, its health condition and appropriate action that can be taken to maintain and improve its shape within its surroundings.


Need a Tree Surgeon In Paisley?


Tree surgeons have a unique set of skills. They need to be be physically fit to climb up and down trees, be competent and qualified to use and maintain specialist equipment and machinery and keep up to date on the latest advancements. Tree surgeons need to use maths to work out the height of trees and be knowledgeable about the different types of tree and the various funguses and parasites.

Tree surgeons can study for a foundation degree, higher national diploma or degree and relevant courses include: forestry, arboriculture, countryside management, forest management, woodland ecology and conservation.


Paisley Tree Surgeon – What Do We Do?


Being a tree surgeon is a dangerous profession and needs to be carried out by a qualified team. Risks include falling off or having a tree or branches fall on you. We work with dangerous machines and climbing and rigging equipment, a tree surgeon needs to be a qualified first aider and have the ability to perform a rescue if someone gets into difficulties whilst climbing a tree.

Tree surgeons must ensure the safety of the property and surroundings they are working within, most days we work in public spaces therefore we need rigorous health and safety assessments in place for each job to ensure the safety of the public, our workers plus the equipment and machines at all times.

Arborists and tree surgeons must be fully insured for public and employees liability insurance, if in doubt ask to see your tree surgeon’s insurance cover. Let’s take a closer look at what a tree surgeon does.

The first thing tree surgeons do is discuss a customers requirements and examine a tree and the surrounding area. The tree surgeon will assess if the tree is healthy, if there is any disease, and if the tree itself is a danger. The preliminary examination will determine what next steps can be taken.

If a tree can be saved, the tree surgeon will decide what type of surgery and tree reduction can be operated on the tree. As a general rule no more than 30% of a tree should be reduced at any one time. Limbs and branches that carry disease or have died will be pruned to keep the problem from spreading to the tree as a whole. Pruning a tree should be carried out by an experienced arborist as working at height can be a dangerous task involving using a rope and harness and a climbing chainsaw to reach limbs that are higher up on the tree.

Pruning is also done to remove weight from a tree and keep a tree at a suitable size for its surroundings. Heavier trees are more likely to fall in high winds or when the soil it is in become too saturated from rain to hold its weight. By cutting back or removing limbs altogether, it makes the tree significantly lighter and less likely to fall. Crown lifting, crown reduction and crown thinning are all part of the service.

When one of your trees has an infection that is too widespread, it must be removed. The same is true if your tree is infested with parasites. Another reason that your tree may need to be taken down is the threat of it falling on a structure, such as your house. In such cases, tree surgeons will carefully take down your tree a piece at a time to lessen the chance it could fall and do damage to your home or other trees and plants in your garden. You may also no longer want to have a tree for example you may be landscaping, building an extension to your property or from an aesthetic perspective you want to remove it.

Tree Surgeons undertake work of a wide variety, so there is no one uniform cost for any given task we will undertake. Take felling trees as an example, trees are different heights with varying weights and dimensions. The surroundings including obstacles and health and safety assessments have to be considered by the tree surgeon. Disposing of trees is also a factor in the overall cost as is the cost of the labour. An experienced team will cost more but will perform the work at a higher and safer standard. So when it comes to quoting your tree surgeon should be factoring in all of these and be able to break down and explain the quote to you.

If you are have a tree or trees that need looking after by a tree surgeon, we can help. Our services include: tree removal, stump removal, hedge trimming, pollarding, crown reduction, crown lifting or tree planting.

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