Kiln Dried Firewood Logs Paisley

COMING 2022 


We provide premium kiln dried logs in Paisley

These are the most efficient logs for any wood burning appliance including stoves, fire pits, chiminea and open fires. With a moisture content of less than 15% Kiln Dried Logs Paisley produce lots of heat are low in smoke and are easy to light.
Kiln Dried firefood logs can be burnt straight away with no extra drying time required and because they burn so hot you use less logs to achieve the same heat as seasoned logs.
Our kiln dried logs are from Paisley trees and are cut and split for you to use straight away.
Premium Kiln Dried Logs Paisley
Kiln Dried Logs Paisley
Large Premium Bulk Bag of Kiln Dried Hardwood logs
These kiln dried logs provide excellent value for money providing sustained and powerful heat output.
Our bulk bags of Kiln Dried Firewood Logs contain only the highest grade of firewood species. They are slow burning and provide ample heat output that is second to none.
Bulk Bag £120
2 Bulk Bags £230
3 Bulk Bags £330
1 Bag £120.00 GBP
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Netted Kiln Dried Hardwood logs Paisley

Netted Kiln Dried Hardwood logs
Our kiln dried hardwood firewood is of the highest quality with an average moisture content of below 15%.
Our kiln dried hardwood nets contain only the highest grade of firewood species. This ensures a prolonged burn and a real intense heat output.
Our Kiln Dried hardwood nets will keep your fire crackling and your living room warmer than other firewood’s. With this long lasting firewood, you’ll spend less time topping up your fire and more time enjoying it.
Our netted Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs can be used on open fires, log burners and multi-fuel stoves and our logs are sourced from responsibly managed woodland.
Under 15% moisture levels
Optimal heat output
Prolonged burn time
Easy to light
Clean burn
22l kiln dried nets
Cut to 8 inch in length
10 Bags £70
20 Bags £120
Our convenient kiln dried hardwood nets can be put straight into your log store by our drivers, completely free of charge. This makes them an ideal choice for anyone with access or mobility restrictions.