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We are locally owned and operated tree care company and proudly serve Paisley and all surrounding areas. We specialise in all tree services including tree cutting, tree trimming, crown reduction, stump removal, emergency tree care and much more.

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Tree Removal Paisley

We take tree removal seriously, and we strongly advise it should only be handled by TTS Paisley.

What should you expect from TTS Paisley?

1.  Pay Attention to the rules. There is a multitude of factors that come into play when it comes to removing a tree in the Glasgow area, and we make sure that we pay attention to all of them. We always work quickly, safely, and effectively.

2.  Reasons for Removing a Tree. It is hard to tell whether a tree should be removed or not simply by looking at it. Only a certified and trained tree surgeon will be able to tell exactly when and why a tree should be removed. There is a variety of reasons that include the tree in itself posing a real threat such as:
•    Dying or dead tree

•    New construction being planned and the area requires clearing
•    Tree roots are interfering with foundations, retaining walls and pools, etc. 
•    Tree has become far too large or poses a serious safety hazard
•    Tree has become badly infected or is rotting

In all of the above cases, we suggest that the tree is removed as soon as possible. If there’s any doubt whatsoever, we will carry out a tree risk assessment to determine the exact risk that the tree poses to your Paisley property. When removing your tree, every standard that is set by the International Society of Arboriculture will be met to ensure a safe and efficient removal. There is no tree too big or too small for our services as we treat them all with the same respect. If a tree risk assessment has determined that the tree must go, Paisley TTS Service’s will take care of the rest at an affordable tree removal cost.

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning Paisley

Seasonal Trimming and Pruning should be performed either in the early spring or in late winter, right before the tree begins to bud.

If Trimming and Pruning is required after trees have already started to bud, it’s best to delay any cuts until after all of the leaves have grown to their full size. Then low hanging and dead branches should be pruned straight away as they pose a safety risk. Minimal Trimming and Pruning if any is required in the first three years of a tree’s life.

What should you expect from Paisley TTS?

1.  Early prevention. Tree Trimming and Pruning can really benefit both the look of the surrounding area and also the health of the tree. Trimming and Pruning is an essential practice in order to extend the life of your trees and ensure that they don’t become overgrown. With our regular Trimming and Pruning, the tree can be assessed, and any disease can be caught early or prevented from taking over not just the tree, but also surrounding trees.

2.  Trimming and Pruning Methods. Our first step to prune a tree is to create a customised plan that will leave the tree healthy, beautiful, and entirely protected from disease. It is essential that when your tree is pruned it is carefully planned and executed. When it’s not done correctly, Trimming and Pruning can wound a tree. 


Stump Removal Paisley

Do you have a severely damaged or nuisance Stump? Paisley TTS are equipped to provide a superior Stump removal service for the Glasgow, Paisley and Renfrew area.

What should you expect from Paisley TTS -Tree Surgeons Services?

1. Free Assessment and Estimate. We’ll give you a free assessment and estimate that will be fully inclusive, with no extra charges if the job becomes harder than planned. Also, if you want to know whether there are any other alternatives to removing the whole stump such as using a tree stump grinder, we can assist there. There’s no hard sell to the most expensive method with us.

​2. Need to Remove it? There are some pretty obvious situations that require removing tree stumps. If it is dying or poses a safety hazard, it needs to go. Also, if other plants and trees are suffering around the stump due to lack of nutrients from the soil, then it would also make

Glasgow Tree Surgeons – Reviews

TTS provided a thorough and complete service. From the preparation of reports and planning applications through to their tree-felling, surgery and maintenance.

Whilst other contractors advised us to fell our beautiful mature English Oak, Timber Tree Surgeons liaised with and placated our anxious neighbours and offered us an alternative option – crown reduction, preserving the oak tree for many years to come and saving us over £1000

We have used Glasgow TTS for a number of treework projects and have always been delighted with the service provided. They offer a complete service, as necessary, including submitting papers to the Local authority for planning approval consent on our TPO trees,replacement planting, regular and follow up maintenance and tree felling

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